Still not sure what to expect from EA Sports PGA Tour? Well, how does a wedge of uninterrupted PS5 gameplay fix you? This pretty lengthy video includes full footage of nine holes from Pebble Beach and nine holes from Sawgrass, both rendered immaculately in the Frostbite Engine. While we don’t think the visuals quite live up to that jaw-dropping first demonstration, there’s no doubt the game looks stunning in some scenes.

The gameplay is more or less what you’d expect, which isn’t a bad thing. The physics look decent – at least from the dozen or so minutes of footage that we watched – and there looks to be a lot of variety in how you can craft shots. We definitely get the feeling this release will be relatively easy to pick up and play, but that there’ll also be tons of depth for those who choose to extract it.

The question is: are you planning to pick this up? Clearly EA Sports doesn’t have a gigantic marketing budget for this one, so it’s been a little more subdued in the build-up to release. But it looks rock solid, doesn’t it? We could go for some virtual golf right about now…