Oh, this is brilliant! EA Sports, wily as ever, has released the first ever teaser trailer for its upcoming EA Sports PGA Tour – timed perfectly to disrupt the release of 2K Sports’ own PGA Tour 2K23 this week, of course. The game, which is not due out until Spring 2023, promises to be the “only place golf fans can play all four major championships including the Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, US Open Championship, and The Open Championship”.

At just 30 seconds, this is the very definition of a teaser trailer, but running in Frostbite there’s no question it looks incredible. “By utilising EA’s own Frostbite engine, EA Sports PGA Tour will be the most visually stunning and accurate recreation of many of the world’s most famous courses, and will deliver the most immersive and authentic experience possible where fans can play against and as some of the biggest names in professional golf.”

In the meantime, as we mentioned, PGA Tour 2K23 is out this week. That should keep you occupied until next year, eh?

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