Diablo 4 Beta Stats

Surprise! The Diablo 4 beta ended up being very, very popular. The action RPG opened its gates to players who had pre-ordered last-last weekend, and the open beta was available to everyone the weekend after.

Blizzard has gone ahead and released a bunch of beta-based stats, and we're looking at some pretty crazy numbers here. For starters, players logged a total of 61,560,437 hours in the beta — which is mental for something that was only playable over two weekends.

There were 4.9 million player deaths, and a ridiculous 29.2 billion monsters were killed. Elsewhere, the secret Butcher boss was slain just 567,662 times, while he managed to, er, butcher 1.7 million players. You should have run!

And it's no real surprise, but the two most played character classes were the Sorcerer and Necromancer. The two magic-based heroes were probably the outright strongest classes in the beta (at least until later levels), and both were good fun to actually play as.

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All in all, Blizzard says this was the biggest beta in Diablo history, which is impressive. Did you take part? Let us know if the Butcher got you in the comments section below.

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