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Image: Push Square

In arguably the safest prediction since “the sun will rise tomorrow”, analysts are predicting that the PS5 will increase its lead on Xbox Series X|S in 2023. According to data analysis group Ampere, Sony commanded about 45 per cent of the console market last year, but shortages of its new-gen console caused it to cede some ground to rivals. It expects these marginal losses to be reversed over the coming months.

The company pegs PS5’s install base at 30 million, which we assume is accurate, given the Japanese giant announced it had shipped 32.1 million units at the beginning of this month. Microsoft doesn’t reveal sales numbers, but the research firm reckons Xbox Series X|S has sold around 18.5 million units. Both devices have been supply constrained since launch, although Sony’s console has become more readily available since the start of the year.

Ampere added that global revenue in the console sector was down 7.8 per cent year-over-year in 2022. This, it believes, is due to the delay of some major software and a “post-pandemic shift in consumer attention”. It also cites the cost of living crisis as a reason consumers may be choosing to spend less on expensive luxuries, like games. It’s going to be interesting to see whether the industry rebounds this year, or if it remains in a bit of a slump.