LEGO 2K Drive PS5 PS4 PlayStation

LEGO 2K Drive is bringing a fresh take on the arcade racing genre to PS5 and PS4 on 19th May, and we're pretty excited to check out the AAA title when it does.

One interesting tidbit stood out to us in a recent interview with VGC, though, when executive producer Mark Pierce seemed to imply that older generation consoles might be holding the title back. LEGO Drive 2K is not an open world game, and instead of having a seamless playspace, it instead consists of standalone biomes, which you can fast travel between.

Pierce describes the situation thusly, remarking that "we went through a lot of work and discussions about all the different ways we could do [an open world], and we all really wanted to have [players] just travel from one to another. But on… some of the platforms, it’s just not… you can’t make somebody wait for three minutes to load something in, right?”

This is obviously not going to be an issue on PS5, where load times aren't really a thing anymore, but it is disappointing to continue to see titles held back by previous-gen hardware. This is part of the reason why we think cross-gen games definitely need to end, as at this point, clearly, concessions are being made that are affecting what matters most, the games themselves.

What do you think about Pierce's comments and the larger point at hand? Get with the times in the comments section below.