Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is gearing up for launch on PS5 and PS4, with Team Ninja's latest Soulslike set to test our skills and patience on 3rd March. The developer has detailed the performance options players will be able to choose from when they get to dive in for themselves.

As is now tradition, Wo Long will feature two options on PS5. Resolution Mode favours image quality, outputting at 4K. Performance Mode, as you might have surmised, will favour performance, allowing the game to be played at a silky-smooth 60fps. Considering the type of game Wo Long is, we can't imagine the benefits of Performance Mode would be outshined by the fidelity gained by Resolution Mode, and we would recommend you take the increased framerate of Performance Mode for the best possible gameplay experience.

However, players on PS4 might feel the pinch, as PS4 Pro will only be able to run the game in Resolution Mode, in 4K at 30fps, without the option of Performance Mode. Base PS4s suffer similarly, running at 30fps but only capable of a 1920x1080p resolution.

Are you excited to jump in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for yourself? Were you a fan of Team Ninja's previous forays into the genre, the tough-as-nails Nioh and Nioh 2? Prepare for the trials to come in the comments section below.

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