Telltale Games is back, under new management, following the fiery implosion of its former incarnation. An adaptation of the popular sci-fi series The Expanse is currently in development, and we got a look at some of the tense directions players will be able to send the game's narrative in.

In The Expanse: A Telltale Series, you play as XO (executive officer) Camina Drummer, aboard the asteroid mining ship, the Artemis, when a violent mutiny breaks out amongst the crew. In the grand tradition of Telltale games, the choices you make along the way will decide the fate of everyone involved and will no doubt have some unforeseen and unintended consequences.

What do you think of The Expanse: A Telltale Series? Have you been missing that distinctly Telltale style of gameplay, or has it long since worn out its welcome? Whatever your response, know that everyone will remember it in the comments section below.