Cosmic Smash C-SMASH-VRS PSVR2 PlayStation VR

Update: As confirmed on the PS Blog, you'll be able to test out the reimagined Cosmic Smash on PSVR2 starting from 23rd March as a free demo takes aim at the PS Store. This sampler will allow you play both online against a friend or solo in training mode.

Original Article: Dreamcast’s cult squash-style classic Cosmic Smash is being reimagined for PSVR2, with a release scheduled worldwide for later this year. Powered by the NAOMI chipset, the original first released in arcades in early 2001, before being ported to SEGA’s home console in Japan later that year. Unfortunately, it never launched overseas, adding intrigue to the title which has snowballed over the past two-and-a-bit decades.

The reimagining – a perfect fit for Sony’s next-gen headset due to the series’ zen sci-fi aesthetic and racket-based controls – is being tackled by UK developer Wolf & Wood, with SEGA’s blessing. Named C-SMASH VRS, the gameplay loop will remain familiar to fans of the original, injecting Breakout-style gameplay into a futuristic 3D environment, backed by a dynamic soundtrack composed by Rez Infinite’s DJ Ken Ishii and so-called synth master Danalogue.

The full title will feature full online multiplayer, across a variety of versus and co-operative modes. And it’ll take full advantage of the PSVR2’s unique features, too: “Ultra-smooth gameplay, mind-bending trick shots and slow-mo’s soon feel like second nature. Thanks to intuitive controls, finger detection, 3D audio and haptics, players will learn the basics and feel fully immersed within mere minutes.”

There’s no firm release date just yet, but just knowing this oft-overlooked favourite from the Dreamcast’s library is making a comeback with PSVR2 has left us feeling all fuzzy inside. Holler if you’re hyped in the comments section.