Sony Ballistic Moon PlayStation PS5 Acquisition Rumours
Image: Push Square

Sony may have purchased UK-based developer Ballistic Moon, a team rumoured to be working on an Unreal Engine 5-powered AAA narrative-based single player adventure for the PS5. It’s strongly speculated that the Japanese giant is publishing this game, and therefore if progress is impressing executives, an acquisition wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

Where is the speculation coming from, though? Well, a job advertisement for a Senior Dialogue Designer at PlayStation Global mentioned that candidates would be responsible for working on “major AAA projects alongside our partners at studios such as Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, Guerrilla Games, Firesprite, Ballistic Moon, London Studios, Housemarque, Media Molecule, Insomniac Games, Sucker Punch Productions, and more”. Obviously, all of these studios are wholly owned – apart from Ballistic Moon.

The text has since been edited, with the reference to the aforementioned UK developer removed. It’s possible whoever wrote the copy for this job advertisement confused Ballistic Moon’s second-party relationship with PlayStation as a first-party – but it’s also conceivable that Sony is in the process of acquiring the developer, and is going through the various legal protocols before it officially announces the news.

Either way, it’s a pretty open secret that the team has a close relationship with the PlayStation maker right now, and we’re patiently awaiting the announcement of its debut game.

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