Sony PS5 PlayStation PS4 Owners Monthly Active Users MAU
Image: Push Square

Here’s a fascinating statistic, considering the unquestionable success of the PS4: Sony is attracting brand new customers to its ecosystem with the PS5. As announced during its latest financial report, the manufacturer revealed that approximately 30 per cent of its newest console’s monthly active users in the three month period ending 31st December had never owned a PS4 before. The firm recorded 112 million monthly active users overall for the period.

This means that, in addition to converting PS4 owners to its new-gen console, it’s also having success attracting entirely new customers – or, at the very least, lapsed players who never purchased the firm’s previous format. This is important because it means that the popularity of PlayStation is actually expanding, and it’s been one of the goals of the company for a while – HBO’s The Last of Us, for example, was created to help reach entirely new audiences.

Sony did note that those PS5 owners who are transitioning from PS4 are more likely to spend longer playing and subscribe to services like PS Plus, so it’s certainly committed to ensuring customers upgrade their consoles, too. But it seems that the popularity of PlayStation as a brand is only increasing over time.

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