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Image: Push Square

The obsessive interest in Microsoft’s eye-watering $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard has hit new highs – or lows, depending on your perspective – as fans have taken to tracking the flights of a private Sony jet. A strangely engaged fanbase has discovered that a plane from London to Seattle was charted on 6th February, with some assuming it was boarded by PlayStation bigwigs looking to negotiate a deal on Call of Duty with the Xbox team.

Of course, there’s absolutely no evidence of that being the case, and it’s worth mentioning that Sony first-party developer Bungie is based in Bellevue, which is a stone’s throw away from Seattle. It’s infinitely more likely, if this flight was indeed boarded by top-ranking PlayStation executives, it’d be visiting its own team rather than its rival.

Nevertheless, it underlines just how oddly obsessed some fans are with this acquisition going through. The latest on the situation is that Microsoft is scheduled to meet with the European Commission next week to engage in crunch talks about the deal, as both the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority and the United States’ Federal Trade Commission have sought to block it.

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