Walkabout Mini Golf PSVR2 PS5 Announcements 1

The humongously popular social golf game Walkabout Mini Golf is getting a PSVR2 version soon. Announced earlier today by Mighty Coconut, the release promises to allow you to “feel a new real” when it arrives with eight easy and eight hard courses. There’ll also be a variety of DLC courses available to extend your experience day one.

Crossplay will be available, allowing you to play with friends and family on other virtual reality platforms, including the Meta Quest 2. “While it may sound simple, Walkabout Mini Golf has been heralded as being on the frontier of social VR gaming, differentiated by its easy multiplayer interface as well as crossplay across devices and its appeal to advanced and novice players alike,” a press release reads.

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Walkabout Mini Golf is currently the best-rated multiplayer game on both Quest and Steam, and we’re sure it’ll achieve similar popularity on PSVR2 as well.

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