Now that it’s promised significantly improved availability, Sony wants you to upgrade from PS4 to PS5. A short and snappy new trailerreleased alongside a gigantic global marketing campaign – outlines the benefits of trading in your old console for the Japanese giant’s newest device. It mentions all 4,000 or so PS4 games are playable in backwards compatibility on the new system – save for six stragglers which don’t work – and alludes to many more which have been upgraded, a significant number of which are free.

The trailer also goes on to illustrate the benefits players can look forward to when upgrading, like improved graphics, faster loading times, and enhanced DualSense features. All of this will already be familiar to many of you reading this article, but marketing like this does further reinforce the idea that the platform holder is confident it’s going to be able to meet demand this year – and that’s exciting news for all of us, whether you’ve owned a PS5 since launch or are just now joining the party.