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Rise, Tarnished, we bring you fresh word from The Lands Between. To mark the first anniversary of Elden Ring's launch, Bandai Namco is holding a special celebration in Stockholm, Sweden, on 25th February, and is broadcasting the event via Twitch to the rest of the world.

Featuring a live show, giveaways, contests, prizes, drinks, cosplay, and PvP, it all sounds well and good for those guided by Grace who will attend in person. But for those of us cursed to go Hollow at home, we have but one burning question: DLC when?

To be clear, Bandai Namco has never promised additional Elden Ring content, but c'mon. A very close contender for our own Game of the Year, it would be surprising if we did not see additional support for Elden Ring given its massive popularity, not to mention the evidence gleaned from the game's files.

Will you be tuning in to the Elden Ring Anniversary Livestream? Are you keeping your expectations in check? Speculate wildly in the comments section below.

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