PS2 PlayStation 2 Nintendo Switch Install Base Sales
Image: Push Square

PS4 was a big success, right? Sure, but the Nintendo Switch is shaping up to be something else entirely. As part of its quarterly results, the House of Mario announced overnight that its hybrid console has now surpassed over 122.5 units sold worldwide, which actually puts it ahead of Sony’s previous platform. While the PS4 is technically still selling, its current tally sits at 117.2 million units, and it’s unlikely to improve dramatically on that figure over the coming years.

It means that Nintendo now has the PS2’s previously unrivalled record in its sights; there’s still a little way to go before it touches the legendary system’s 155 million units sold, but would you bet against it at this point? Honestly, with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom still to release and no sign of an immediate successor in sight, it feels inevitable that Sony’s sophomore system will be toppled over the coming couple of years.

It’s perhaps worth pointing out that Nintendo Switch’s portable format lends itself well to multiple purchases, whereas most households will likely settle for a single PlayStation under their television. Nevertheless, the real story here is just how well Nintendo’s software is selling: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for example, has now sold 52 million units worldwide. Sony’s doing a great job with its own software sales – God of War Ragnarok just passed 11 million units, for example – but its Japanese rival is in a different stratosphere in this department.

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