The Legend of Dragoon PS5 PS4 Trophies

The Legend of Dragoon is battling its way to PS5 and PS4 on the 21st February as part of this month's PS Plus Premium update, and as previously rumoured, the classic JRPG does indeed have a full Trophy list at launch.

It's got a total of 47 trinkets — with four Golds and four Silvers — and yes, it includes an all-important Platinum. Most Trophies are locked behind story progress, rewarding you for completing chapters, beating bosses, and recruiting new party members.

In short, it looks like perfectly doable list, although you will have to track down 30 of the game's Stardust collectables for one specific Silver gong. These things can be difficult to spot against some of the title's prerendered backdrops, so you might need to follow a guide every now and then.

You can find the complete Trophy list by clicking here, but do be wary of potential spoilers.

Will you be going for the Plat in The Legend of Dragoon? Gather some unlikely allies and adventure into the comments section below.