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Today's the day for what is arguably PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium's biggest and best monthly game refresh as 17 quality titles are now available to download. The lineup is spread across 14 PS5, PS4 games and three PS1 Classics, ensuring there's something for everyone during the month of February 2023. In case you need a reminder of what's now available, the full lineup is as follows:

PS Plus Extra: February 2023

PS Plus Premium: February 2023

All 17 games are up for download now in the UK and across Europe, with availability rolling out across the USA later in the day. The lineups for both tiers have gone down a treat; 60 per cent of you voted in a Push Square Poll over the weekend saying you're "very happy" with what's on offer. PS5, PS4 exclusive is what most of you are playing first. The results for PS Plus Premium weren't quite as overwhelmingly positive, but The Legend of Dragoon was the obvious choice when it came to picking the game you're most excited about.

What game will you be downloading and trying first? Let us know in the comments below.