Persona 5 Royal PS Plus Premium Trial

A new game trial has just been added to the most expensive tier of Sony's subscription service, PS Plus Premium. If you're a subscriber, you can now play the first four hours of the utterly brilliant Persona 5 Royal on PS5 — although, admittedly, four hours isn't going to get you very far into what is a massive RPG.

Still, you should be able to get a decent understanding of the game's tone and themes in those four hours. If you're unfamiliar with Persona 5, we couldn't recommend it enough — it's easily one of the most cohesive, immaculately designed RPGs out there.

There's actually a solid selection of trials available through PS Plus Premium these days, which is good to see. That said, Premium still has its overall value questioned on a regular basis, especially since Sony has been drip-feeding (at best) classic PS1, PS2, and PSP titles onto the service.

Will you give Persona 5 Royal a shot thanks to this new trial? Gather the Phantom Thieves for another heist in the comments section below.