Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 10th Anniversary 1

The 10th-anniversary event for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance came and went overnight, and how do you like some new artwork from the game's creators instead of a PS5, PS4 remaster? Indeed, PlatinumGames has put together a blog post where you can get a look at some new drawings based on the PS3 title along with a message from director Kenji Saito. Without any mention of a remake, remaster, or even a re-release, the news will be a letdown for many fans.

Saito thanks the fanbase for supporting the game over the past decade. "Ten years after the game’s release, my most recent memory of anything to do with the game is seeing Armstrong and Sam appear in so many memes globally," he said. "It feels unreal that MGR: R is still a topic of conversation a whole decade later." The director then notes how player counts have increased over the years, calling it "truly moving stuff".

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The blog post then reveals some new artwork from members of the PlatinumGames team, including Tomoko Nishii, Kenichirou Yoshimura, and Kana Yamamoto. We've embedded a handful of the drawings below; make sure to click and enlarge them to see the full picture.

Today's 10th-anniversary celebrations were rounded out by a message from the game's music composer, Jamie Christopherson. He again thanks the fans for their support over the years, stating he's "pleasantly surprised that the game and soundtrack have kept their relevance and continued to be admired and played by fans across the world. Personally, I have found great delight in seeing all of the fun memes, reaction videos and cover versions of the songs that we did for the game. To know that the music and game have brought so many people joy means a lot to me."

Hopes and dreams of a remaster for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance likely end at this point, with no mention of a re-release anywhere in PlatinumGames' blog post. Raiden's voice actor Jack Flynn had previously teased "things to be announced in the coming weeks", but it appears this was all he was alluding to. Unless the Japanese developer has another surprise up its sleeve. That seems unlikely at this point, though, so you'll have to make do with some new artwork.

Do you at least like the drawings? Try and hide your disappointment in the comments below.