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Auteur game designer Hideo Kojima has revealed that most of the upcoming Death Stranding 2 (officially revealed at The Game Awards 2022) would have had to have been rewritten if actress Elle Fanning had turned down the role.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Brain Structure podcast, Kojima revealed the tidbit, stating that he had wanted to use "Elle‘s talents and charm to create a character unlike any other". Apparently, Kojima even altered parts of the game's script based on her character's movements off-camera, all before the actress had accepted the part. Kojima muses that "I would have had to throw out the scenes that I had written since she plays a major role."

Little is known of Fanning's character, but it's clear that her participation in the sequel was essential in Kojima's mind, as he explains "I really can’t share much, but she’s a very, very important character. And yes, I created the character with Elle in mind. So I was worried about her saying no to the offer.”

Death Stranding 2 does not currently have a release date. As per usual, Kojima looks to be pushing the envelope ever forward, as the sequel will feature incredible tech that allows for some truly mind-blowing visuals.

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