Horizon Call of the Mountain PSVR PlayStation VR2
Image: Push Square

We’ve got to be honest, we noticed it too: Aloy is short. While you never really get a sense of the character’s height in the main PS5 and PS4 games, we’d always assumed she was a towering young lady, given her superhuman acts of strength. But no, PSVR2 launch title Horizon Call of the Mountain confirms the opposite: she’s tiny!

We had a wee peek on Google, and the franchise’s Fandom page claims she’s 1.68 metres (5 feet 6 inches), but we’d have guessed much lower than that based on her virtual reality appearance. Perhaps the protagonist of Horizon Call of the Mountain, Ryas, is supposed to be quite tall – he does tower over most of the cast, come to think of it.

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Regardless, were you surprised by Aloy’s height? Look down in the comments section below.