Hogwarts Legacy Twitch

Built on the back of what is a globally recognised brand, Hogwarts Legacy's popularity has never been in doubt — but we didn't think it would be breaking records quite so soon. Livestreaming platform Twitch, which hosts thousands upon thousands of gaming streams every day, has seen the open world title absolutely explode over the last 48 hours or so.

Hogwarts Legacy streams have been so popular that it's actually broken the record for concurrent viewers on a single-player game. It topped out at an audience of over 1.3 million, jumping ahead of the previous record holder, Cyberpunk 2077 (which managed 1.14 million viewers back when it launched in 2020).

It goes without saying that both games have had their controversies, which will have no doubt amplified people's interest. But still, it's clear that Hogwarts Legacy is going to be a big deal commercially — if it isn't already. We'll likely be hearing about sales numbers in the near future.

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[source insider-gaming.com]