Firewall Ultra PSVR2 PS5 PlayStation Sony

Firewall Ultra, the sequel to First Contact’s well-liked virtual reality FPS, will be part of the second-wave of PSVR2 titles when it launches later in 2023 – and here’s a first look at the game’s key art. Fans of the original will spot several contractors from the PSVR title, surrounded by a new arrival: Havoc, a former elite military operative.

A press release explains: “He is well-trained, well-conditioned, and well-equipped to get the job done – despite his cocky attitude. He was kicked out of the program after a big disagreement with a superior and is now looking to make a name for himself in the world of private contracting. In Firewall Ultra, his Conditioned skill increases his resistance to bullet damage and deploys a mine once he’s eliminated from battle.”

There’s still no firm release date, but the developer has insisted more information will be shared soon. In the meantime, it’s reiterated that the title will boast dedicated servers, an improved rounds-based gameplay loop, and tons of post-launch content. Considering the sustained popularity of the original, we suspect this is going to be a big title for PSVR2 when it arrives.