Ubisoft PS5 PlayStation 5 E3 2023

Update: Following the comments from Ubisoft, E3 2023 organisers Reed Pop have released the following statement: "E3 is full speed ahead and we are pleased with the progress and engagement from the community. As we have confirmed exhibitors we are eager to share more as details get cemented and participants ready their own detailed plans. In other parts of the Reed Pop gaming portfolio we rarely release participants until close to the event but now will adjust our style to the E3 way as we can."

The statement continues: "We will be sending our first round of media and content creator registration approvals today and will have news to share in the next few weeks on some of the exciting new additions to the Remastered E3 2023."

Original Story: Ubisoft will be at E3 2023 – and at the rate things are going, it may be the only one that is. Speaking during an earnings call, as watched by VGC, bigwig Yves Guillemot said the French firm has plenty to show, but did caution his company will only attend if the event actually happens. That’s an ominous statement from one of the industry’s most important executives.

Events organiser ReedPop has taken commanding control of this year’s convention, although there is strong speculation that all three platform holders will be giving the event a swing. To its credit, the PAX organisers have said that it’s received “a tremendous amount of interest [from many of] the biggest companies in the industry” – but it’s hardly going to say no one’s planning to go, is it?

Still, it looks like Ubisoft intends to be there, all being well. The show’s set to run from 13th June through 16th June, under a new format where there’ll be two days reserved exclusively for business, then two days for consumers. We suppose we should point out that ReedPop owns Gamer Network, which Push Square is a partner of.

Did we mention we love E3 2023?

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