Deep Rock Galactic is one of the better service games on the market, with its unique blend of procedurally generated mining missions combined with intense cooperative FPS gameplay, making it a must-play. Much of the IP's newfound popularity has to do with the title launching (on PlayStation, anyway) as a PS Plus title.

That's according to Ghost Ship Games CEO Soren Lundgaard (thanks, Retbit), who stated during Embracer Group's most recent earnings call that, with Deep Rock Galactic, "we broke all our records on player numbers and revenue" with the release of Season 1, and that "it surpassed our 1.0 release [on PC] and paved the way for where we are today with Deep Rock."

Deep Rock Galactic featured as one of January 2022's PS Plus titles, extracting six million new miners in the first few weeks alone, many of whom were happy to spend their hard-earned coin on the title's manifold DLC offerings.

Did you dive into Deep Rock Galactic after it was featured on PS Plus, or are you a grizzled veteran of the deepest, darkest places? Keep on digging until you hit the comments section below.

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