Pack it in

Deep Rock Galactic makes its PlayStation debut today on both PS5 and PS4, and is a free download for PS Plus subscribers. Given that this co-op crafter has been available on other platforms for some time, however, it’s launching alongside a cavalcade of add-on packs and downloadable content. You’ll be able to grab most of this for £24.99/$29.99 with the Ultimate Upgrade, which bundles five expansions and a Sign On bonus, which basically bumps your early progression.

Don’t worry too much, though, as the DLC mostly includes cosmetics like armour, paint jobs, and skins. You’ll get the Supporter Pack, Dark Future Pack, Megacorp Pack, Roughneck Pack, and Drawn of the Dread Pack all as part of the Ultimate Upgrade. These can also be purchased a la carte for £6.49/$7.99 a pop, but the Rival Tech Pack has to be bought separately regardless.

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Some developers do tend to use PS Plus as a means of getting their games into as many hands as possible in order to flog microtransactions and DLC, and this does appear to be an example of that. Obviously, you don’t have to buy anything to try the game, and there is a cheaper Starter Pack available which includes a couple of the abovementioned expansions for a discounted £7.99/$9.99.

It’s interesting to see Sony’s subscription head in this direction, though: last month’s Godfall: Challenger Edition also seemed like it was designed to upsell the full game, and we’re witnessing more of the same here. We will add that there are 70 Trophies to unlock in this one, so it may be one for the gong obsessed to dig into.