Well, this is awkward. Capes is a turn-based superhero tactics game in which you fight to take back a city ruled by despots, block by block, and it's coming to PS5 in 2023. The similarities between Capes and the recently released Marvel's Midnight Suns are apparent, which is somewhat unfortunate timing, considering we just brought you news of that game's critical success being marred by a commercial flop.

Still, Capes looks rad as heck, with an original roster of heroes not weighed down by the crushing and ever-present weight of the expanded Marvel universe. With Marvel's Midnight Suns being developed by Firaxis, perhaps best known for the rebooted XCOM franchise, we could have a situation in which Capes occupies a Phoenix Point-like role in the market, offering an alternative and admittedly even more niche option for enthusiasts.

What do you think of Capes? Is there simply not a market for this type of game on console? Consider your next move carefully in the comments section below.

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