A Fisherman’s Tale won awards on PSVR for innovative puzzle-based gameplay, and sequel Another Fisherman’s Tale will be hoping for a similar reception. Due out early this year on PSVR2, the title will continue the story of Bob the Fisherman – with his body representing the primary conundrum this time around.

The press release explains: “Developed from the ground-up to maximize the capabilities of modern VR tech, Another Fisherman’s Tale introduces a set of all-new core mechanics: this time, the player’s own body is the primary puzzle to be solved, creating unconventional gameplay based on dismantling and rebuilding their in-game form.”

The developer’s promising a five to six hour adventure filled with memorable moments. We were lucky enough to watch a presentation of the release earlier in the month, and there’s clearly a ton of imagination been invested into this project: you’ll need to detach and replace parts of your body to solve puzzles, including your hand which can crawl independently to retrieve items.

According to game director Alexis Moroz, the body manipulation aspect of the package has been inspired by the Greek myth Theseus’ Boat, which imagines a ship in which all the parts are gradually replaced. “After a while, the boat no longer contains any of its original parts, provoking the question: is it the same boat or a different one?” the press release ponders.

It’s really good to see exciting new content like this announced for PSVR2 post-launch, and the release schedule of New PSVR2 Release Dates is really beginning to flesh out into the summer. Obviously, we’re super excited by the potential of Sony’s new hardware, and there’s no doubt a strong and consistent release schedule will help the headset fulfil it.

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