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Pseudo-Soviet shooter Atomic Heart's release date is right around the corner, with the BioShock-esque title set to blast off on PS5, PS4 on 21st February. As the appointed time draws closer, we learn ever more delicious details, such as how long an average playthrough might take and the ways in which we will destroy Russian robots.

In an interview with SegmentNext, game director Robert Bagratuni revealed details regarding the length of the game. He stated that "to complete the main story campaign, players will need to spend approximately 20-25 hours. But since the world of Atomic Heart is quite huge and filled with various activities, the full completion will take much longer". Bagratuni estimates that a completionist playthrough would likely take "about 35-40 hours."

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In addition, Bagratuni revealed that "there will be 12 types of weapons in total, and for each of them, there are several various types of upgrades and multiple skill branches." Players will need to scrounge for components in order to be able to upgrade their arsenal, as "you will be able to use a crafting machine NORA, whose AI will surprise you with its sassy attitude. You will have an opportunity to create bullets, add elementary effects to them, and create other things as well.”

You will also have access to an experimental AI-powered glove called CHAR-les, which will act as a companion and essential tool, allowing the use of telekinetic and elemental powers. Hopefully, CHAR-les will liven things up a little and provide some helpful context on the unfolding techno-apocalypse that is the world of Atomic Heart. If you need a reminder of what it all looks like in action, be sure to check out this recently released gameplay overview trailer.

Where are your hype levels at, will you be picking up Atomic Heart at launch? Let us know in the comments section below.