If you're still on the fence about Atomic Heart, or you're just not sure what the game actually is, then you might want to give this new trailer a watch. At around nine minutes long, it's a full overview of what the upcoming PS5 and PS4 shooter has to offer. It covers the world, characters, story, combat, and gameplay systems.

And yes, the game still looks very promising. We're looking at what could be a surprisingly in-depth adventure here, with the trailer going as far to call the experience an 'action RPG'. Based on what we've seen, Atomic Heart is perhaps best described as BioShock-esque, but with a heavier emphasis on things like character progression and freeform exploration.

Hopefully Atomic Heart will live up to expectations when it launches later this month, on the 21st February. Until then, let us know if this one is on your radar in the comments section below.