Little Devil Inside PS5

If you can believe it, Little Devil Inside was announced for PS5 two and a half years ago during the console's very first showcase. Revealed alongside other indie hits like Bugsnax and Kena: Bridge of Spirits, it is one of the very few titles from that event that still hasn't been released. Perhaps the more concerning aspect, however, is how little of the game has been shown. Case in point: this is only the fourth article we've ever written about the mysterious experience.

Following its PS5 reveal in June 2020, it wasn't until October 2021 that we heard from the game again, confirmed to be part of a State of Play presentation. The star of the show, it was handed a 2022 release window. Of course, it has never materialised. Developer Neostream hasn't issued any sort of update on the title's whereabouts after a full 14 months of radio silence. And, to be upfront, we've contacted the studio on two different occasions to try and learn more, but never received a response.

The thing is, though, those interested in Little Devil Inside are used to this radio silence by now. While the game was revealed to the masses in 2020 in the aforementioned PS5 event, it's actually been knocking about for nearly eight years. Originally planned to launch for PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Wii U, a successful Kickstarter campaign saw Neostream receive over 5,000 backers in May 2015, garnering AU$ 306,515. Those who pledged money then had to wait until 2017 for a new trailer, and then Little Devil Inside wasn't seen again until Sony's big showcase.

Most PS5 players have waited for the game to materialise for two and a half years, but fans who committed cash to the development of it have been waiting for almost eight. Will 2023 be the year for Little Devil Inside? It is incredibly difficult to say.