Little Devil Inside

It lives! A Twitter post from PlayStation has confirmed that PlayStation 5 console exclusive Little Devil Inside will be making an appearance during tomorrow's State of Play livestream. The digital showcase will provide our "first in-depth look" at the title from developer Neostream. First announced during the initial PS5 console unveiling show back in June 2020, we haven't seen even a wink from the game since. That is until now.

Accompanying the tease is a very short clip featuring two characters sitting at a train station. The footage cuts off as the train itself comes into view.

Back when it was revealed, Little Devil Inside was described as "an action-adventure RPG with survival elements set in an atmospheric, semi-open world". That initial batch of footage wowed us a year ago, so let's hope this fresh look is just as good. Would it be too cheeky to ask for a release date, too? You decide in the comments below.