Where's Our Forspoken PS5 Review? Site News

Right around now, reviews of PS5 console exclusive Forspoken are hitting the web. As the world's biggest independent site dedicated to all things PlayStation, you're probably visiting Push Square to have a look at our own verdict. However, unfortunately, that won't be possible today. In fact, it probably won't be possible for quite some time. It's been fairly well documented by now that Square Enix has been very selective with who gets an early review code for Forspoken, and we didn't make the cut.

The reason for that isn't fully clear to us, but the bottom line is we haven't been given early access like other very select media outlets have, and thus don't have a review for you to read today. We most certainly did plan on having one before learning of this substantial setback. As of this morning, we received a PS5 review code. We shall try and get our verdict published as soon as possible. However, since this is a big open world game, it's likely going to take some time.