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Hogwarts Legacy's release date of 10th February is right around the corner, and as the appointed time approaches, we learn more about the many mysteries in store for us. Like any good RPG, expect to spend a significant amount of time off the beaten path, engaging in side quests that, at least on paper, sound like they might have more of an impact than one might expect.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Moira Squier, narrative director on Hogwarts Legacy, discussed the ways in which side quests can impact the main story, noting that "by giving the player choice moments throughout the game, we allow them to tell their own version of that epic story."

While you pull at the central narrative threads at the core of Hogwarts Legacy, decisions made during extracurricular activities will "manipulate the main campaign by virtue of the experiences they've had," says Squier. Moreover, "interacting with someone in a side quest will impact how you interact with them in the main storyline - and vice versa."

Most exciting of all, it looks like these various side quests can be engaged with at will and aren't gated behind main story progress, as is so often the case in other RPGs. Squier explains that "the order in which the player chooses to complete these quests will impact their story and game. Everything is interconnected. So, while it was challenging, it was a lot of fun to do, and it's rewarding to see how well it turned out."

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