Sony is making an effort to bring more of its PlayStation IPs to smartphones, and here's yet another example: Ultimate Sackboy is a runner game for iOS and Android devices that launches on 21st February 2023. Amazingly, it appears the game was announced back in September, but has flown completely under the radar until now. It's a free-to-play release, and you can check out the reveal trailer above.

Instead of creating and customising your own levels, you'll be racing against Sackboy's friends along a track, avoiding obstacles and collecting as many bubbles as possible in exchange for costume pieces. Along the way, you can jump, swing, and roll alongside sprinting. From UK developer Exient, the team also adapted Lemmings for smartphones. If you're interested in playing Ultimate Sackboy, pre-registrations are available now on the Google Play store.

A press release mentions battling it out for exclusive rewards in the Daily Duel, and there'll be thousands of clothing items to unlock and upgrade. "With a growing catalogue of clothing options being added all the time, you will never run out of exotic costumes and cosmetics to collect!"

Ultimate Sackboy joins the likes of WipEout Rush in bringing more PlayStation brands to mobile phones as part of a program which has been in the works for a while now. In August 2022, Sony acquired Savage Game Studios to help out with this initiative.