Sony is making a car. No, seriously – we’ve reported on it before, and it drove a prototype out onto its CES 2023 keynote stage just to prove it. The new Electric Vehicle, designed and developed in partnership with Honda, will form the foundation of a new brand: Afeela. And the Japanese giant expects to start taking pre-orders as early as 2025.

So, what are some cool features? Well, you can play Horizon Forbidden West in it, as the game was shown running on a screen in front of the backseats. It also has a customisable display on the front bumper, with a Spider-Man theme briefly shown during the press conference. You could certainly see this potentially being used by Uber drivers.

Afeela Sony Honda Mobility PS5 PlayStation Car 2

According to the presentation, the Afeela will have 45 cameras and sensors both inside and outside the vehicle, and Qualcomm is helping build some of the semiconductors for the car.

All in all, this is an unexpected pivot from Sony – it spent a good 15 minutes during its presentation talking about the vehicle, and didn’t show a single television set or pair of headphones, which perhaps underlines just how different the organisation is looking these days. We’ll be fascinated to see whether Afeela really can disrupt the growing EV market.