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Unless you've been keeping up with the world of electric vehicles, you may not know that Sony and Honda have joined forces to develop cutting edge cars. The new company, which is focusing on innovative new tech, is aiming to have its first vehicle on the road by 2025, and by the sound of it, you may be able to take your gaming with you.

Speaking to Financial Times, president Izumi Kawanishi said the joint venture's intent is to build a car around content, meaning music, movies, and PS5. The idea is to utilise Sony's massive presence in entertainment, "adapting these assets to mobility" in a move to trump Tesla. Apparently, incorporating Sony's latest gaming console into a vehicle is "technologically possible".

Obviously, for users to really gain the benefit of PS5 on the road, more development in the world of self-driving cars is required first. "To enjoy the space in your car, you have to make it a space where you don't need to drive. The solution for this is autonomous driving," says Kawanishi, adding it will take time to get right.

Obviously this is all quite far away and sounds kind of crazy, but if we are heading away from manual driving, what better way to pass the time than catch up with some games? Tell us what you make of this idea in the comments section below.

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