The Last of Us PS5 Google 1
Image: Push Square

Google is such a ubiquitous tool that it can be surprising when the search engine adds an Easter egg. Like, have you ever told the site to “do a barrel roll”? Awesome, right? Well, Star Fox ain’t the only video game to get its own unique search results – with HBO’s show powering a refreshed furore around The Last of Us, you can now enjoy a fungal infected webpage.

No, seriously. If you search for the Naughty Dog survival horror series on the juggernaut search engine’s home page, a small mushroom icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Keep clicking it, and watch as the cordyceps virus infects your screen. Pretty neat, huh? If you can’t get the spores to appear, try putting speech marks around your search query and it should show, depending on your browser.

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The spores are animated, but you can still click out to the results, which is handy if you want to look up our The Last of Us guide. Just try not to get too close to the screen once you’ve activated the Easter egg – we’ve heard those ’shrooms are contagious!