We’ve already established that PSVR2 is the perfect venue for blood curdling horror experiences, so it’s perhaps no surprise the announcements are coming thick and fast. Afterlife VR – another game that’s already built up a strong reputation on PC – is the next to tiptoe to Sony’s new-gen headset, as confirmed during Perp Games’ presentation earlier today.

The release – designed and developed from the ground-up for virtual reality – sees you assume the role of rookie police officer Adam Bernhard, who’s on a routine night patrol when he’s called out to the very same mental health facility his sister was recently sent to. The game promises a thick atmosphere, unpredictable AI, and plenty of scares.

There’s no date just yet, but the port is in production now, and the developer says it’s going well. As such, we’re expecting this at some point in 2023.

[source News: Live: Watch Perp Games' PSVR2 Livestream Right Here]