Granblue Fantasy Versus is getting a "sequel" later this year, Cygames has confirmed. Titled Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, it looks just like the original Versus — complete with the same playable cast — but it's practically bursting with new stuff and improvements.

So, Rising comes with a new story, new characters, new stages, new mechanics, and new moves. It'll also implement rollback netcode, which should allow for a much smoother online experience, and it'll boast crossplay between PS5, PS4, and PC.

The original Versus is already a great fighting game, but it's struggled to retain a sizeable audience over the years — mostly because of its rather shoddy netcode. Rising should fix that, and Cygames will be hoping that it propels the project to new heights.

It sounds like Rising will be its own standalone title, rather than some kind of update, so we probably wouldn't expect an upgrade path. Hopefully we get more information soon.