Building The Last of Us is a new series from developer Naughty Dog that goes behind the scenes of the incredibly popular new HBO series and the iconic game that inspired it. Obviously, it contains spoilers for both the first game and the first episode of the show, so consider yourself warned.

Featuring leads from Naughty Dog and some of the creatives and cast of the HBO series, the first episode (called a Father's Love) looks at the dynamic between Joel and Sarah and how readily it captures an audience's attention, and why it has proved so enduring.

In related news, the co-creator of the original game Bruce Straley has called for unionization in the industry after he was not credited for his role in shaping the world and characters of HBO's adaptation. The rapper Logic recently claimed that he managed to "con" his way into a role in The Last of Us: Part II. Finally, right now, if you Google "The Last of Us", you get a cute Easter Egg in celebration of the series.

What do you think of Naughty Dogs' new behind-the-scenes series? Will you be checking out future episodes? Look for the light in the comments section below.

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