Forspoken Leak

Less than a week out from its release, raw Forspoken gameplay is starting to pop up all over the place. The leaks started in the early hours of this morning, when the first 30 minutes of the action RPG appeared online, uncut and shared directly from someone's PS5.

As the day's gone on, new footage has dropped on streaming sites like Twitch, and there are even a few YouTube videos out there if you go looking. Needless to say, if you're keen to avoid story spoilers and the like, then you might want to stay clear of certain corners of the internet.

Meanwhile, if you're still on the fence about Forspoken, you might consider hunting some of these leaks down. After all, it's now public knowledge that Square Enix has been very selective with review code, as confirmed by Skill Up on Twitter.

How do you feel about Forspoken at this point? Try not to leak yourself in the comments section below.