Everyone's favourite mercenary is making his long-awaited Marvel's Midnight Suns debut later in the week, when The Good, The Bad, and The Undead DLC drops on 26th January.

Outside of weaponised puns and lethally bad jokes, Deadpool can inflict some serious hurt via his En Fuego combat mechanic. Each time he takes out an enemy, it builds a meter which, once full, gives Deadpool a stack of En Fuego, which modifies most of the merc's abilities in various ways.

This means that getting the most out of Wade Wilson revolves around letting him be the star of the show (he likes that), getting the glory of the knockout blow and thus continuing to dish out damage. This is why he pairs well with Wolverine and Captain America, as they are able to draw aggro once things get too hot. En Fuego, in case you were wondering, means "on fire" in Spanish.

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