The marketing surrounding Hogwarts Legacy is really starting to kick into gear now as Warner Bros publishes a CGI trailer that tours the castle grounds ahead of the PS5 title's 10th February 2023 release date. From the perspective of an owl, you'll first fly in between the towers and turrets of the famous school, and then journey into the Great Hall.

Nearly Headless Nick makes an appearance, and then you quickly see a class in progress, with a mention of a Weasley. Then there's the Forbidden Forest and some new environments featuring a dragon. Eventually, the owl makes it to the person it has a letter for and the trailer nicely comes to an end. Of course, since the footage uses computer-generated software, the game won't actually look this good in action. However, it's a nice little mood piece to get you in the mood to make your journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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