Atari is adding another game to its Recharged range, reviving one more of its forgotten favourites. Caverns of Mars Recharged has just been announced, a modern take on the classic arcade vertical shooter.

Caverns of Mars tasks you with descending into dangerous tunnel systems in order to set a bomb at the bottom. On your way down, you'll also be blasting away at enemies and defences, and you'll need to make a dash back to the surface as your bomb ticks down. However, you can't be too trigger happy, as taking shots depletes your fuel reserves.

This new version takes the core concept of the original release, but revamps it entirely with new stages featuring fully destructible environments and new threats. It also sports modern visuals and a new soundtrack, local co-op for two players, arcade mode, challenge mode, and a new selection of weapons and power-ups. As with Atari's other Recharged releases, Caverns of Mars will also feature online leaderboards so you can compete for best times and scores.

The game is coming to both PS5 and PS4 on 9th March, 2023, so it's not too far out. Will you be hopping aboard this revived classic? Drill down into the comments section below.