Song in the Smoke Rekindled PS5 PSVR2 PlayStation 5 Announcement

Song in the Smoke, an acclaimed survival game already available for PSVR, will be getting a re-release on Sony’s new-gen headset – and according to an interview with developer 17-BIT in EDGE magazine, it’ll likely be a free upgrade for existing owners assuming all the “logistics” are successfully ironed out. Interestingly, this is not just a minor port, and it’ll be available at launch on 22nd February, 2023.

Writing on Twitter, the studio explained: “It’s more than a remaster, we’ve added tons of polish and additional features driven by user requests and feedback, and we are very proud of this ultimate edition!” In the aforementioned EDGE interview, creative director Jake Kazdall added: “It wasn’t a light upgrade, it was a ton of work up-rezzing so many visual systems. It stands alone, even compared to the highest-end version possible on PC VR – it’s honestly not even close.”

For those of you not familiar with the original, this is a survival game where you wake in a mysterious world and must use your wits to endure its many threats. As you progress, you’ll craft weapons, clothing, and, gradually, the confidence to hunt its wildlife. Along with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – also coming to PSVR2 alongside its sequel – this is regarded as one of the better survival games playable in virtual reality, so we’re excited to see the ambitious upgrade being touted here.