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If you’re a long-time PlayStation fan, then you’ll know the January Sale is the big ‘un. To be honest, you could save your money all year long and pick up 12 months of games from this flagship annual event. As a result, we suspect some of you may be wondering when the PS Store will be getting this veritable onslaught of digital deals.

Sony, surprisingly, is remaining schtum, but last year the sale launched on the Wednesday before Christmas Day. A bunch of incumbent PS Store sales, like the End of Year Deals, are scheduled to expire on 21st December, which just so happens to be the Wednesday before Xmas. As such, we strongly suspect the platform holder to launch its January Sale on the aforementioned date.

Last year, the event spanned thousands of games, with tentpole PS5 exclusives included in the mix. We fully expect the same this year, so you may want to get your wishlist in order over the coming days. The January Sale usually runs throughout the Christmas and New Year period, and tends to get expanded after the holiday break, too.

Is there anything you’re hoping to pick up on the cheap during the festive period? Sit tight for the big one in the comments section below.