Recruitment is highly competitive in the video game industry right now, with major AAA studios competing for top talent to realise their visions. This clip published by Guerrilla Games will likely be used by the Dutch developer to attract employees to its team – and, to be fair, it does a pretty good job. This is the first time we’ve properly got to look inside its state-of-the-art new workspace, and it’s very impressive.

You may recall the developer was considering leaving Amsterdam in order to expand, but it was able to move into the old Telegraaf offices, which is a famous piece of architecture in the capital. Here we get to see inside, which includes a high-tech cylindrical lift, theatre room, streaming location, recreation area, and a small motion capture studio. We love how bright and airy it all is, and the foliage-themed décor feels very Horizon Forbidden West.

The thing that really sold us on the workspace, however, is the catering – those meals look utterly incredible! Where do we apply?