Guerrilla Games 1
Image: Stijn Poelstra and Roderick van der Steen / Guerrilla Games

Remember offices? They were communal spaces that allowed you to collaborate with colleagues in the pre-pandemic era, but they’re mostly abandoned open floors these days. Guerrilla Games, having purchased one of the more famous work spaces in Amsterdam, is sure hoping it’ll be able to occupy its spangly studio soon, as it looks incredible.

“Amsterdam has been Guerrilla’s home base for over 20 years, and the city’s culture and history continue to inspire us daily,” the team wrote on its official blog. “As we are now well over 350 Guerrillas, we’ve outgrown our old canal house studio, and it was time to find a new space to accommodate everyone and facilitate our high ambitions.”

It continued: “With our roots being in Amsterdam, it was only natural that we found our new home here: a historical building in the heart of the city, close to the famous Dam Square; now fully renovated with all high tech game studio requirements. Across multiple floors, this building offers everything our game studio needs, from state-of-the-art audio booths to a dedicated mocap space.”

Unsurprisingly, it looks gorgeous, with a cafeteria overlooking the city – and even a lifesize Stalker from Horizon Zero Dawn. Now, when is Push Square Towers getting a similar makeover?