The Callisto Protocol PS5 PS4

More than 150 employees from Sony are credited with helping bring The Callisto Protocol to life, as the Japanese giant’s Visual Arts and Services group collaborated on the game’s cinematics. However, that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from arguing that it’s the reason behind the release’s improved performance on PS5, compared to other systems, like Xbox Series X|S.

Some comparison articles have pegged PlayStation’s new-gen console as the superior system to play the survival horror on, but bigwig Glen Schofield has clarified that has nothing to do with Sony’s involvement with the game: “There are Sony people in the credits because we worked with them on the performance capture for our cinematics. They didn’t do any additional work on the game.”

For those who don’t know, PlayStation’s VASG division supports a variety of first-party and third-party projects, and even works in conjunction with Sony Pictures where required. In this instance, as Schofield explains, the platform holder assisted on motion capture – but didn’t do any additional development on the game. We’re sure all versions of the release will be patched to improve performance over time.